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Aluminium – a Structural Boon

For industrial purposes, aluminium is a very special metal. It’s light but strong, it’s malleable and it’s resistant to corrosion. It conducts both heat and electricity. It doesn’t easily catch fire, and it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its structural integrity. It’s also not toxic and

The Benefits of Open-Source Technology

These days, it’s possible to obtain open-source software for a huge range of applications. There are open-source word processors (like OpenOffice), open-source accounting programs and even open-source operating systems, like Linux and Ubuntu. Ubuntu, for example, is free, easy to install and comes with regular updates. Depending

Plastic Injection Moulding

After the Second World War, there was exponential growth in the use of plastic in manufacturing. This resinous, malleable and yet incredibly durable material can be moulded into a huge range of shapes and forms, making many of the products we now use on a daily basis.

10 Creative Uses for CNC Machinery

CNC machines are machining tools controlled by computers. Traditionally CNC machining is used to shape pieces of metal or other rigid materials – for example, to make parts for cabinets, boats or cars. Some creative types have used their CNC routers to make things that are unexpected

Interesting Storage Methods You Never Knew Existed

People have invented innovative methods for storing everything from energy and water, to industrial waste, data and personal belongings. Pumped-storage hydroelectricity Pumped-storage hydroelectricity (PSH) is a method for storing capacity and then generating electrical power during periods of high demand. It uses water that’s pumped from a

Abandoned Machines

As a copy writer for Hans Von Der Heyde, a team of industrial engineers who design and build cutting edge machinery, I often come across beautiful photographs of old, derelict machinery when looking for imagery of more modern machines. This contrast between new and old has sparked

Great White Shark Scares Spear Fisherman

A great white scares the hell out of a few spear fishermen in an area called Pinnacles, south of Thunderbolt Reef which is near Port Elizabeth. Should not come as a surprise that there’s some swearing in this video.