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7 South African Natural Health Brands you Should Know

South Africa is a country of huge natural diversity, where people have been using healing plants and other natural remedies for centuries. Accordingly, it should be no surprise that the country is home to several leading natural health brands, each with a unique range of health-giving products.

Six Ways to Re-Energise in the Office

Maintaining a productive and energetic workforce is the key to a great business and a healthy bottom line. Over time, tight deadlines and heavy workloads take their toll even on the best and brightest – but several simple steps can help employees re-energise. Versatile veggie juice Fresh

The Most Common Surgical Errors

Given the strict protocols that surgeons are required to follow during operations, you wouldn’t think there would be much room for error. Unfortunately, though, surgical errors happen more regularly than you might imagine. Also, surgical errors occur more often during routine procedures than during less common and

10 Natural Anti-inflammatories

Throughout history, people have turned to plants for their medicinal needs – and it’s from these plants that the active ingredients of many modern pharmaceuticals are derived. Here we consider ten of the best-known natural anti-inflammatories. Bilberries The bilberry is a tasty relative of the blueberry. As

5 Best South African Medical Aid Rewards Plans

Medical aid reward plans are designed to encourage members to live more active, healthier lives. Some plans simply offer discounts on particular products and services. Others actively reward members for eating healthily and exercising, giving points for healthy behaviours that can be exchanged for discounts or goods.

Awesome South African Herbal Health Products

Cancer Bush Capsules Cancer Bush, known locally as “kankerbos”, is a widely used plant that supports the immune system in a variety of ways. It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is known as a natural anti-depressant. Its anti-depressant quality led the Zulu people to call

What’s the Difference between Medical Aid and Medical Insurance?

Medical aid and medical insurance aren’t the same. They differ in four main ways. Price versus Benefits The price of medical aid plans has continued to rise and many South Africans can no longer afford the premiums, especially given the rough economic climate. Underwriters noticed a gap

5 Top Performing African Medicinal Herbs

South Africa is renowned for its botanical wealth. To appreciate the magnitude and diversity of this natural resource one need only look to the Cape Floral Kingdom, a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering only 78,000 square kilometres and featuring over 9,000 plant species! Although not all our