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Six Ways to Re-Energise in the Office

Maintaining a productive and energetic workforce is the key to a great business and a healthy bottom line. Over time, tight deadlines and heavy workloads take their toll even on the best and brightest – but several simple steps can help employees re-energise. Versatile veggie juice Fresh

The Benefits of Open-Source Technology

These days, it’s possible to obtain open-source software for a huge range of applications. There are open-source word processors (like OpenOffice), open-source accounting programs and even open-source operating systems, like Linux and Ubuntu. Ubuntu, for example, is free, easy to install and comes with regular updates. Depending

5 Simple Steps to Improve your Conference Room

Acoustics Acoustically, two main problems affect a conference room – sound has to be confined within the room so that people outside can’t hear what goes on inside; and a good acoustic environment has to be created for people speaking inside the room, as well as for

Plastic Injection Moulding

After the Second World War, there was exponential growth in the use of plastic in manufacturing. This resinous, malleable and yet incredibly durable material can be moulded into a huge range of shapes and forms, making many of the products we now use on a daily basis.

Businesses Run from Self-Storage Facilities

Paying for physical premises can be one of the most costly parts of running a business. One innovative solution is to use self-storage facilities instead. Self-storage facilities aren’t just convenient places to store excess belongs – they can also make for practical, cost-effective business premises. Here we

SubTropolis: The World’s Largest Underground Storage Facility

SubTropolis is one of eight underground storage facilities in the Kansas City area, and is home to offices and storage for 55 businesses. It consists of a staggering 4.5 square kilometres of leased space, including warehouses, light industry space, offices, a network of several kilometres of rail

Famous Product Liability Cases

Product liability cases arise when manufacturers, suppliers, distributers or retailers who make products available to the general public are held accountable for injuries that the products they supply have caused. If it’s known that a product can be dangerous, manufacturers or retailers typically include warning labels, summarizing

Africas Top 10 Wealthiest People

This infographic, provided courtesy of Afrographique, highlights the 10 wealthiest African’s. A little bit of background from Wikipedia on each of these people follows: Alhaji Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian self-made business magnate. Based in Nigeria, he is the owner of the Dangote Group, which has interests