thank youYou’re finally tying the knot, and you want the event to be as magical for your guests as it is for you and your significant other. Of course certain aspects are a given for a fantastic wedding night – great food, drinks, music and a beautiful setting. Often though, it’s the little details that make a wedding truly memorable for guests.

RSVP song requests

You can start making things special before the day of your wedding by sending your guests beautiful invitations to your wedding. Of course then it’s time to wait for the replies so that you can finalise your plans for the day, and this can be a somewhat stressful process. Make it easier on yourself and more exciting for guests by asking them for song requests in their RSVPs. This may make the replies come back sooner, and it will help make your guests excited about the wedding.

Sunglasses and umbrellas for outdoor events

The weather is one factor you can’t control when it comes to planning a wedding. It may be a swelteringly hot day or it could rain cats and dogs. What needn’t be left to chance is how prepared you are for the elements. Have umbrellas or simple rain coats on hand in case it rains, and for hotter days, sunglasses and fans will keep your guests comfortable.

Personalised glasses for the reception

Why not have a personalised glass for each guest at your wedding? After the event, guests can keep their glasses as classy souvenirs of your wedding. Giving guests personalised glasses is also likely to  mean less washing up to do and less people leaving their glasses lying around on the day.

Happy-tear hankies

There’s always the possibility that guests will be brought to tears at some point during your wedding ceremony. Take pity on the more sentimental and provide pretty little hankies, just in case they need something to dab up their tears.

Safe rides home

If guests will be drinking alcoholic beverages at your wedding, do them and everyone else on the roads a favour by organising lifts home beforehand. This means that your guests can relax and enjoy themselves, and there’s no danger of marring the day of your wedding with a tragedy on the roads. You can let guests know that lift facilities will be available in the wedding invitations you send them.

Thank-you gift bags

Make your guests feel appreciated with a gift bag at every seat in the reception venue. The bag can contain small, considerate gifts, including a memento of your wedding. Guests always love sweet treats, so also consider some custom made thank you chocolates or sugared almonds for them to nibble on.

Thank-you cards

When the event is over, it’s a nice touch to send thank-you cards to all those who attended. It helps if you  have a gift register so that you can also thank your guests for the specific gifts they gave you.