Maintaining a productive and energetic workforce is the key to a great business and a healthy bottom line. Over time, tight deadlines and heavy workloads take their toll even on the best and brightest – but several simple steps can help employees re-energise.

veggie juice

image by bertholf

Versatile veggie juice

Fresh veggie juices, prepared on the day, are known to maintain energy and good blood sugar levels. Celery, beetroot and spinach, with a liberal dose of fresh ginger, apple and carrot, combine to create a tasty affordable drink that’s packed with bioflavonoids, vitamins and minerals. Drink a juice a day and you’ll not only feel better, you’ll be taking a positive step to protect your long-term health.

Plan energetic excursions

South Africans are blessed with a warm climate and beautiful natural surroundings, often just a hop and a skip away from city centres. There’s no shortage of mountains, beaches, gardens, attractive walks or hiking trails. So instead of after-hours cocktails and wild evenings out, which ultimately leave people more tired and less healthy, why not organise outdoor excursions that are challenging, uplifting and really fun.

napping nook

image by haseebansar

Create a napping nook

Power naps de-stress, reinvigorate and recharge the batteries. They may also boost memory, creativity, cognitive skills and energy. It can pay off to set up a comfortable slumber spot so that employees can benefit from short naps in-house. A comfy, outsized sofa or a soft, springy day bed set up in a secluded corner of the office will do.

Cheer up the office décor

Create an office space that naturally encourages calmness, contentment and cheerfulness. To do this, ensure there’s plenty of natural light and include open spaces and organic elements in the work environment. Colours are associated with both positive and negative sentiment, so ensure you select happy, energetic hues that will keep employees on their toes.

office chairs

image by K-Mark

Invest in the right office chairs

Poor posture is bad for digestion, triggers negative moods, boosts stress levels and has a negative effect on work performance. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that staff have suitable office chairs.

Ergonomically designed, custom-built office chairs are made to suit specific requirements while providing optimal support for the spine and allowing a natural range of motions. They alleviate pressure on the upper thighs, and are height and depth-adjustable to fit all body shapes. With the proper chair, you’ll no longer tire as easily. You’ll also be able to multi-task, swivelling, tilting and reaching however necessary without putting undue strain on your body.

Positive feedback

An underrated way of boosting both morale and productivity in the work environment is simply giving positive feedback for a job well done. Many bosses are quick to criticise but too slow to commend employees for their efforts. However, it has been shown that appropriate positive reinforcement helps build relationships, improve communication, boost performance and slash staff turnover.