Spruce up your home or office with these handy DIY storage tips. They’re cost-effective, good-looking and take little to no time at all to set up, adding some panache to an otherwise drab storage necessity.

Toilet paper holder

Make a somewhat unsightly bathroom necessity a little prettier by creating a toilet paper holder. Simply glue two strips of ribbon together, leaving two or three gaps, each big enough to slip a new roll of toilet paper into. Tie the ends into a nice bow.

PVC pipe toothbrush holders

You can simply saw some pieces of PVC piping down to size to hold your family’s toothbrushes. You can attach them to the wall with easy-hang hooks, and even add custom lettering to the pipes to personalise them.

Ladder storage

If you have a ladder that you never use just lying around, create a pretty, rustic plant stand by extending each step with some plywood. The result is an aesthetically pleasing pyramidal stand for pot plants, or anything else you’d like to display.

Plastic bottle zipper containers


If you’re handy with a glue gun, it’s simple to turn trash into treasure. Instead of throwing out empty plastic bottles, cut them in half near the base. Once you’ve got two matching bases, pair them up and glue them together using a zipper. You can then use your zipped container to store a range of odds and ends, from hair ties to paper clips or sewing threads. For slightly larger items, simply use larger plastic containers.

Filing cabinet garden utensil storage

If you have a filing cabinet lying in your garage and taking up space, turn it on its back and take all the drawers out. The holes left behind where the drawers were are perfect for storing gardening utensils such as spades, rakes and brooms.

Hidden toothbrush holders

If the PVC piping idea didn’t appeal to you, perhaps this one will. If you have a cabinet behind your bathroom mirror that has wooden shelving, simply file out a groove (or grooves) that your toothbrushes can slip into.

Magnetic bathroom rack

The bane of anyone’s bathroom is all the bits and bobs lying around. Among these may be several items made of stainless steel, such as nail clippers, hair clips, tweezers, cosmetic scissors, and so on. To neaten up, simply place a magnetic strip on your bathroom wall and arrange all metal items on it.

Gutter bookshelf

You may have some extra guttering lying about, or you can simply pick some up from your nearest hardware store. Attach the gutter piping to your wall and you have a no-frills bookshelf that takes up less space than a traditional wooden bookshelf.

Card clamp cable holder

Nothing is quite as frustrating as the mess of cables behind a home computer. To solve the problem, simply attach some card clamps to the back end of your table, turn the metal arms out, and slip plug ends into the arms, leaving them ready to be plugged in without you having to search through a tangle of cables.

Sunglasses hanger

If you’re a sunglasses fanatic who owns more than one pair, it’s not a good idea to leave your shades in a drawer, where the lenses are likely to get scratched. Instead hang a clothes hanger in your room and slip one arm of each of your glasses over the bottom. Your glasses will be nicely on display, safe from scratching and easy to grab on the go.

Author: This post was contributed by www.xtraspace.co.za – the nationwide self-storage company.