Self-storage offices

Image from XtraSpace

Paying for physical premises can be one of the most costly parts of running a business. One innovative solution is to use self-storage facilities instead. Self-storage facilities aren’t just convenient places to store excess belongs – they can also make for practical, cost-effective business premises.

Here we consider just a few businesses around the world that currently run from self-storage facilities.

Stockport Music Academy

Complete with recording studio, sound proofing and a wide rack of guitars, keyboards and more, the Stockport Music Academy operates out of a self-storage unit. Paul Bowe, owner of the academy, pays lower insurance than most businesses because the storage facility is so secure. Also, because he’s not charged rates for electricity, he can run amps, mixers and samplers all day and not pay any more per month for his utility use.

KOS Tours

KOS Tours runs out of a storage unit in Oahu, Hawaii. KOS Tours operator Ed Kos couldn’t be happier with his position. He rents a double-wide storage space to store the Humvees he uses to provide tours, and rents another self-storage space that’s equipped with electricity, internet and all other necessities for use as an office. Kos started his tour business at home but it grew faster than expected, so he needed a fast, no-frills solution – and self-storage delivered.

Wear Chemistry

Brad Cheng and Trish Richards run their eco-fashion label out of a self-storage unit in London. Their dream was to start an environmentally aware fashion brand, but the harsh realities of the economic climate prevented them from doing this. Then they hit on the idea of running their business out of a self-storage facility. They now have a 100 square foot unit, which provides all the space they need to store their goods and oversee operations, as well as providing phone and internet access.

Gods of War

Gods of War is a mixed martial arts (MMA) training academy that’s run out of a storage facility in Reading, UK. It was started by a couple, Catherine and Philip Else. They knew they wanted specific materials for mats and a proper cage for fighting, like in televised MMA championships – and of course enough space to house their academy. Catherine and Philip decided to invest in an 880 square foot storage unit, which they turned into an MMA training facility, with all the necessary equipment. After only six months, their client base was so large that they chose to rent an additional storage space alongside the original one.

South African Options

Whilst all of the above are international businesses this brilliant opportunity for start-ups is being offered locally by at least one self-storage company. XtraSpace offer it in the form of their Flexi-Offices which come with a wide range of business facilities onsite.