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SubTropolis: The World’s Largest Underground Storage Facility

SubTropolis is one of eight underground storage facilities in the Kansas City area, and is home to offices and storage for 55 businesses. It consists of a staggering 4.5 square kilometres of leased space, including warehouses, light industry space, offices, a network of several kilometres of rail

Famous Product Liability Cases

Product liability cases arise when manufacturers, suppliers, distributers or retailers who make products available to the general public are held accountable for injuries that the products they supply have caused. If it’s known that a product can be dangerous, manufacturers or retailers typically include warning labels, summarizing

What’s the Difference between Medical Aid and Medical Insurance?

Medical aid and medical insurance aren’t the same. They differ in four main ways. Price versus Benefits The price of medical aid plans has continued to rise and many South Africans can no longer afford the premiums, especially given the rough economic climate. Underwriters noticed a gap